Art at the EPIC office

February 11, 2020

We are existed to showcase some amazing art being created in our office. Edwin Degges, a former intern of EPIC Companies, is using his artistic ability to bring our office to life. Watch the video below for a full interview with Edwin.

He has recently finished a mural of a large Meadowlark. Here is what Edwin had to say about why his chose this style.

“The Meadowlark is iconic to North Dakota and is also the state bird. Therefore I thought it was a good fit for EPIC being a North Dakota based company. I painted it flying upwards to show that EPIC is a progressing company with success in the future. I chose bright colors to match the energy of the office and the personalities of the employees.”

Edwin is now working on a mural in the hallway that separates EPIC, Spicy Pie and Daymaker Nutrition.

To contact Edwin for any projects, please email him at