Construction on The M Building to Start Soon

M Building Tour with EPIC and The Dakotan

The Dakotan joined some of the team at EPIC Companies to take a tour of the M Building and get updates on what’s next for the project this past week.

David Williamson, Minot Construction Manager, Kris Cieslek, Minot Superintendent, and McKenzy Braaten, VP of Communications joined Kim Fundingsland as guests for his podcast Don’t Cha Know.

Kim was able to discuss the next steps of the project’s construction, but also why EPIC wanted to add this building to their portfolio. David was able to give the rundown on the construction which will be noticeable come end of June this year as they prepare to start first with asbestos removal. McKenzy talked about being a large part of the growing downtown area and their commitment and passion for this project.

“It seems also everyone we talk to, has had some connection in one way or another to the M Building. We hear stories just about everyday of those who have worked there, went to a theater performance, received a haircut in the building, or just simply ate in the Shirley Room. Each person has their own memory and story that brings them right back to that moment in time where they were in the M Building, said Braaten”

The M Building will feature underground parking, over 9,000 square feet of commercial space between floors 1-2, apartments on floors 3-6, and condos on floors 7-8. The goal is to replicate the original orange M that was once atop the building and refinish the exterior to look similar to the current building with new windows and a new sleek darker look.

Stay tuned for the full podcast to be published soon where they will discuss more about the building in detail.