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EPIC Visits Cheney Middle School STEM Program

stem students

EPIC’s Water Park Director, Eric Goolst, and VP of Communications, McKenzy Braaten, visited Chaney Middle in West Fargo. During their visit, they gave a presentation to the students about EPIC Companies’ vision, mission and upcoming water park project, The Wave by EPIC.

The Wave is a planned 40,000 square foot water park, located off 45th Street South in Fargo, near Anderson Park. This water park will be North Dakota’s largest indoor water park, offering amenities such as slides, a lazy river, gaming, and concessions.


After the presentation, the students were given time to draw, create and design their own water park concepts. Eric worked with students and answered questions to help them get started on building their own water park models.


“It was fun to see the excitement in their eyes as we went over their drawings after the presentation and to answer any questions they might have before building their models.” Eric stated after the first trip to Cheney Middle School.

The participating students at Cheney Middle School are in a summer STEM program that stands for Science, Technology, Engineers, and Math education. It is an interdisciplinary approach that helps students succeed in college and in their future careers. The focus of STEM education is hands-on, problem-based learning with real life applications.

After the students completed their water park models, Eric, McKenzy and Kim Carlson (Executive Assistant) returned to get a final look. The students gave engaging presentations on their hand-crafted models. They explained where their water park would be located and even included Google map photos of the land. They mapped out the square footage of the water park, how much land it would occupy, along with how many gallons of water would need to be used in the pools.

water park model

Thank you to Cheney Middle School students and teachers allowing EPIC to visit.


“It was an honor to be with Eric and McKenzy as they represented The Wave and we have maybe found some future employees, most definitely customers of the water park! They were so proud…as were we!” Kim stated after her visit with the STEM Students.

For more information on The Wave, visit or send a message to Eric. If you are interested in having EPIC give a presentation to a school, club or organization please reach out to McKenzy Braaten.

water park model