Lundy’s Ice Cream introduces North Dakota to the super premium delights of chocolate shoppe ice cream.

November 2, 2023

Lundy’s Ice Cream is ecstatic to bring a rich legacy of 60 years to the people of North Dakota by introducing the award-winning Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream to its flavorful lineup. Recognized for its unmatched quality, the Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream is crafted with 14% butterfat and boasts a 35% overrun, classifying it as a super-premium ice cream delight.

Located at 3150 Sheyenne Street, suite 160, within the vibrant atmosphere of The Lights development and Essentia Health Plaza in West Fargo, Lundy’s Ice Cream offers an experience that intertwines nostalgia with novelty. As Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream finds its new home at Lundy’s, visitors are guaranteed a blend of history, supreme quality, and unrivaled flavor.

The Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream tale traces back to 1962 when Chuck Sr. and Nancy Deadman were inspired by a vision to sprinkle happiness throughout their community. With unwavering commitment and a quest for perfection, they developed an exquisite range of original super-premium ice cream flavors that soon became a Madison, WI sensation.

Today, Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream stands tall as a dessert marvel. Home to a cutting-edge manufacturing facility in Madison, this brand has mastered the art of crafting over 100 super-premium ice creams that have not only won awards but also the hearts of dessert aficionados nationwide. Their remarkable journey has led them to supply their savory inventions to over 400 independent restaurants and scoop shops across the US.

Lundy’s Ice Cream is honored to be the first in North Dakota to introduce these delectable award-winning flavors to its patrons. In addition to these ice cream wonders, Lundy’s will be unveiling Eric’s Original Cocoa Bombs, a decadent hot chocolate bomb made with authentic chocolate.

Stay tuned for the grand opening celebration in January 2024 and be among the first to dive into the indulgent world of Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream.

About Lundy’s Ice Cream
Positioned in the heart of West Fargo, Lundy’s Ice Cream is devoted to serving only the crème de la crème of dessert experiences. As West Fargo’s newest dessert destination, we aim to bond communities over cherished memories, hearty laughs, and the world’s finest ice cream. Stay up to date on our latest flavors and events by following us on social media @lundysicecream or by visiting

About Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream
Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream Company began in 1962, when Chuck Sr. and Nancy Deadman decided to open their very own candy and ice cream shop. Their vision was to provide the community with a bit of happiness by serving homemade candy and ice cream. They held the philosophy that quality lies at the heart of every marvelous treat shop, and with this, Chuck Sr., master researcher, tinkerer and perfectionist, set out on a mission of making the best ice cream he could. After countless batches of ice cream, and tweaking and adjusting machinery, he came up with his own original, super-premium ice cream flavors to offer at their shop, located on Monona Drive in Madison, Wisconsin.

After 60 years of continued innovation, Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream Company encompasses four ice cream parlors and a manufacturing plant in Madison, Wisconsin. The manufacturing facility produces more than 100 super-premium, award-winning ice cream flavors, and supplies more than 400 small, independent restaurants and scoop shops nationwide.

About Eric’s Cocoa Bombs
Cocoa Bombs™ were created as a fun alternative to ordinary – and BORING – hot chocolate powder mixes. Since the beginning, our products have been made with the premium quality chocolate as well as other high-quality ingredients for a smooth taste, and explosive experience you won’t forget! In 2021, they finalized construction of a new manufacturing facility which allowed them to meet demand, offer private label services and create new delicious and memorable candies.

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