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Minot, ND

Midwest Federal, also known as “The Big M” and “M Building”, first opened in 1963 as Minot Federal Bank in Minot, ND. Minot residents remember multiple businesses being in this location including The Shirley Room, Arnold Theater, Embers, Midwest Federal Bank, Blue Cross Blue Shield, New York Life, Minot Center for Family Medicine, and many others. M by EPIC will bring back an underutilized building in downtown and spark life once again in it, improving the vertical landscape of the area. A $14.7 million renovation will develop this mixed-use building into residential and commercial space.

Commercial Residential

M by EPIC will have 9,000+ SF of commercial space. More information coming soon.

Commercial Contact Information

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Mackenzie Fettig

Commercial Leasing Specialist

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Zach Frappier

Director of Realty

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Brianne Rudolph

Commercial Real Estate Associate

M by EPIC will house 24 apartment units and 8 condos adding more residential space to the downtown Minot area. EPIC plans to incorporate underground parking at M by EPIC for condo tenants.

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Kara Thiessen

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Carissa Wilcox

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Paige Krodel

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