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Meet the Team: Mandy

May 11, 2023

Meet Mandy- She joins EPIC Companies as a leasing agent. We are excited to have Mandy alongside our talented leasing team!

What do you love about EPIC so far? I love the friendly environment everyone is so welcoming and helpful.

What was your very first job? Devils Lake Park Board, planting flowers and landscape maintenance. Hanson House 313, Kitchen prep work

Where is your favorite place you have traveled to? Victoria, BC

What would we most likely find you doing on the weekend? Before Epic I was slinging drinks all weekend at Barcode. Now that my weekends are open, I am sure my time will be filled with family activities.

What 3 words would your friends use to describe you? Honest, Considerate, Family-oriented

What do you wish the work fridge was always stocked with? Peanut M & M’s – they’re the best cold.

What are 3 things still left on your bucket list? Visit Italy, bring my kids on whatever vacation they want, buy a home that makes more sense for our family with a little more space.

What do you look forward to in the next year at EPIC? Becoming more knowledgeable about the company and everyone in it.

What trend do you hope makes a comeback? Hyper color shirts

What is your most hated household chore? I hate to put clothes away.

If you could only have 3 apps on your smartphone, what would you pick? If apps don’t include camera and text message, I would keep camera, text messaging, and Pinterest. If I still had camera and text I would keep email, a fitness app, and Pinterest.

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