Pansy Plants

Tenant Spotlight: Pansy Plants

August 11, 2023

Scott Brezina, owner of Pansy Plants in Pioneer Place West Fargo, officially opened his business the week before Christmas of 2022. Brezina used his extensive knowledge and experience in retail to open his own store dedicated to his passion: plants!

Pansy Plants offers a wide variety of houseplants to not only existing plant enthusiasts, but to anyone interested in caring for a houseplant, regardless of knowledge and experience. What helps make Pansy Plants a unique, welcoming, and accessible environment for any aspiring plant owner is the detailed care sheets that are included with any plant purchase.

A piece of expertise Brezina would like to share with new plant owners is to not be discouraged or afraid to try again after failure! Even the most experienced plant owners experience failure with their plants, it happens to everyone, so don’t be afraid to try again and learn.

For those who are looking for a plant that’s easy to care for, Brezina suggests the Peperomia, which comes in many different species and varieties with similar care requirements. Forgetting to water your plant is common with any plant owner, and it’s typically a forgiving and resilient plant when it dries out. The Peperomia, along with every pet friendly plant, is clearly labeled as pet friendly so fellow animal lovers can enjoy houseplants too! One of his favorite plants for sale is the Philodendron because of its bright leaves that can grow a few feet long when they’re mature. The Philodendron is also a great recommendation for new plant owners because of how easy they are to care for!

For those who are looking for a challenge, Brezina says the Alocasia plant can be very particular about the humidity or moisture levels in their environment, and they can be a very high maintenance plant. The Alocasia has gorgeous arrow shaped leaves with different patterns that adds a stunning touch to your home.

Some of Brezina’s personal favorite items for sale in the store include fun items in the Pride collection and locally made leather plant hangers because they’re fun, different, and give an edgy look! Pansy Plants offers a variety of both fun and simple pots as well that are great for gift giving.


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