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Progress of renovations for historic M Building in downtown Minot

July 11, 2023

Many people have seen the construction crews working on the M building in downtown Minot. It might not look like much on the outside, but a lot is happening on the inside.

Your News Leader spoke with project leaders and got a sneak peek of the progress.

The first floor of the historic M building is going to look quite different when renovations are complete.

Established in 1935 and constructed as the Minot Federal Savings and Loan Association in 1962, the M building is like a time capsule.

Epic Companies bought the building in December 2021 and construction began last August.

There are a lot of unique relics being preserved for the future space.

“Some light fixtures and some woodwork, things like that we’re trying to incorporate into the new design. We don’t know exactly how it will fit in yet,” said Bruce Langseth, construction director for Epic Companies.

Work is now in phase two, which involves removing old HVAC systems, piping, and electrical machinery. Project Manager Shane Fletcher said they’ve found some interesting items on site.

“Seeing some of that and some of the way that they transported some money with the bank back in the day up and down and yeah there are definitely some cool things I got to see here,” said Fletcher.

Langseth said the new building will include apartments, two-story condos with parking, an amenity room and a gym.

He said the timeline should look a lot different a year from now but that installing exterior finishes will be continual.

“It’s going to be an awesome building once it’s all said and done, it’ll be a great addition to the downtown Minot,” said Langseth.

The phase they’re in now should be complete in about 90 days. However, renovations will continue for the next 12-16 months.

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