Todd’s Take – Downtown Fargo Growth

March 13, 2024

Downtown growth is happening in Fargo, ND. EPIC Companies is reinforcing its commitment to downtown Fargo by investing in its third building, UNITE, scheduled to open its doors on October 1st, 2024.

UNITE will complete the three-building Gateway Center project. The final piece of this development is the Denis Olson Public Park, an additional gathering space along downtown Fargo’s riverfront.

The Gateway Center project involves over $70 million in investments. The project features 49,500 square feet of commercial space, 48 condominiums, and 109 apartment units. Additionally, the project includes executive offices with shared assets, indoor parking, and an unbeatable view of the Red River.

Despite facing challenges during the COVID pandemic and other unfortunate incidents, downtown Fargo has persevered, standing resilient and vibrant as ever. As one of North Dakota’s premier attractions, downtown Fargo is home to thousands of residents and businesses.

Downtown Fargo flourishes with a constant momentum of growth! This dynamic progression includes notable landmarks such as the Bell Bank Tower, Blarney Stone, Brewhalla, and ongoing mixed-use projects by the Kilbourne Group and other visionary developers. At EPIC, we are genuinely thrilled to be an integral part of this remarkable facet of Fargo and North Dakota. We remain dedicated to investing in both public and private developments within downtown Fargo. Our investment reflects our dedication to contributing to the ongoing development and prosperity of this dynamic region.

To delve deeper into the exciting developments at EPIC, including the Gateway Center projects, we invite you to explore our website. For additional information or direct inquiries, feel free to contact us at 701.866.1006.


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